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Business Loans

  • Operating Loans
  • If your business needs funds for operating expenses or inventory, we offer competitive loans structured for seasonal or term needs. Loans are secured by business assets and based on the financial stability, performance, and reputation of the business.

  • Machinery and Equipment Loans
  • New and growing businesses require machinery and equipment. Term loans are available on a fixed or variable rate basis. The machinery and equipment generally secure these loans. Terms and schedules specific to your needs are available.

  • Real Estate Loans
  • Real estate loans for purchases, expansions and refinancing are available. Construction loans are set up on a short-term line of credit basis and can be tied to the permanent financing, if desired.

  • Small Business Administration Loans
  • The SBA offers numerous financing programs to businesses of all kinds. Benton County State Bank has participated with the SBA in the LowDoc, 7(a), and 504 programs. These loans offer favorable terms and are great in assisting new and existing businesses.

  • USDA Business and Industry Loans
  • For larger projects that will directly benefit our rural community, or assist in keeping local businesses in the area, Benton County State Bank has experience in putting together these loan packages.